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Lewis Dean Northup was Born on the 4th of September 1937 to Vyron and Helen Northup.

Lewis is about the only one in this database who has a personal page that never had any children, because he was my big brother and I have a lot to say about him.

Lew did not spend very much time at home after graduating High School in Bemidji, but returned often. He went into the Air Force right away, and while stationed in South Carolina, my sister, Connie went out to live with him. He continued in this vein the rest of his life. He moved often from Seattle to Minneapolis to PV and back to Seattle. He was married three times, but I will only mention his third wife, Gayl Arlene Stott, (B. 14 May 1938 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin) who was also an Air Force gal. She was from the area North of Minneapolis called North Branch. They were married May 4th 1963, in Seattle, Washington, and they never had any children. No one ever told me why that might be. Lewis worked around mobile homes most of his life and it was one of them that took it one day in Febuary, 1975. It was icy and a jack slipped. Gayl died of cancer on 29 Jun 1995. They are buried together at the Island Lake Cemetary in Alaska Township, Minnesota. Lewis Northup's page is under construction. Check back soon.

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